Disney Imperialism

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Today marks the end of the world. Not because we have finally found out we’re not alone or that a zombie apocalypse has finally come like Hollywood has taught us. It does, in fact, ironically come from Hollywood. Because today, if aliens did arrive and say “take me to your leader,” I wouldn’t give them Obama, the Pope or even Kanye, I would politely point them in the direction of Burbank, California.
With a worldwide empire hiding in plain sight, Disney is taking over the world. From clothing, to toys, music, film, food and even sport, they are slowly but surely becoming this generation’s Star Wars. However, following England’s example of colonialism, Disney’s Deathstar1 shot a 4 billion dollar beam right into the hearts of every forty year
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With that sort of money, Disney could buy thirty Airbus A380’s, the Las Angeles Lakers5 fifteen times over or most of the Greek islands. You can buy a Disney anything-and-everything, from clothing to toilet seat to bed-set: you can design your entire house around your Disney obsession. But unlike Google, Apple or Facebook who can own one aspect of your life, every piece of Disney paraphernalia you purchase allows them to infiltrate further into every facet of your day to day life. With 8 separate franchises grossing over a billion dollars individually, Disney has now earnt a coveted license to print money.
Adept in manipulation, Disney has confessed to designing it is parks to alter human behaviour. They inject smells of baked cookies or vanilla into areas to promote happiness and to make you never want to leave. Like snakes, Mickey heads are camouflaged into the surroundings, waiting to strike. Imbedded in everything from the floor, ceilings, railing, walls and eventually your eyeballs, a haunting Mickey figurine will be haunting your dreams for weeks after you leave the
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These numbers do not include 2015’s most anticipated movies Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which is expected to break the two billion dollar mark and become the highest grossing movie of all time. Even after two months since its initial release it is still being played at every cinema, ever. They are so struck for ideas that they made a movie about Walt Disney and made money. What’s next, a biopic about the guy that cleans the toilets in Tomorrowland6?
The film revenue alone for episode 7 is the literal tip of the iceberg. With just Star Wars merchandise, Forbes a business news magazine estimates that Disney will make “5 billion over the next twelve months”(Robehmed, 2015), like the Titanic we don’t know what we have hit yet. Industry leaders vie for power like a corrupt court under Disney’s rule, clamouring for partnerships. Hasbro payed Disney $225 million dollars for the right just to make Star Wars Merchandise. That’s the real life equivalent of paying rent or
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