Disney Junior Target Audience

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NETWORK ANALYSIS OF DISNEY JUNIOR “Children ages 2-5 spend 32 hours a week in front of a TV- watching television” (Boyse, 2010). Young children are spending so much time in front of the television and should have a network dedicated exactly to their age group that is fun, engaging, appropriate, and educational. Disney Junior does all of these wonderful things. Throughout this analysis will be: determining the target audience, discussing promotions, focusing in on three very popular shows, and looking at other shows on the network that also appeal to our archetypal viewer. TARGET AUDIENCE The archetypal viewer of Disney Junior in my eyes would be a young preschool age female ranging in ages two to five. She would be out of the stage of…show more content…
It is about a Latina Princess named Elena who’s parents and kingdom were taken by evil sorceress. Elena stood up to the evil to protect her little sister and grandparents, but in the process her magical amulet pulled her inside saving her life, but also imprisoning her. Decades later Princess Sofia from Sofia the First figures out the truth of the amulet that she was given and restores Elena to her human from and returns her to the Kingdom of Alavor. Elena is given the thrown when she returns and with the help of the grand council, grandparents, sister, and her magical friends. She then goes through adventures in the show which lead her to understand that her role of being princess requires thoughtfulness, compassion, and resilience. This meets my target because it shows that you can overcome obstacles with the help of family and…show more content…
This show would be perfect to recommend and promote to girls ages two to five who are watching Sofia the First, Elena of Avalor, and Doc McStuffins. This show is about a group of animals in a wild west town. Even though they are all friends sometimes problems arise and they do not get along. When this happens Sheriff Callie and the other workers in the town jail have to work together and problem solve to make everyone get along and make their town the friendliest in the wild west. Listed below are the reasons why this show would be perfect to promote to girls ages two to five who are watching Sofia the First, Elena of Avalor, and Doc
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