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Executive Summary

This report is about the ‘not-so-wonderful world’ of Euro Disney a.k.a (also known as) Disneyland Paris. Euro Disney is Europe’s No.1 family entertainment park. All the same it has had its moments of ups and downs. This adventure that Euro Disney has been through has been full of surprise and anticipation. The management have had to re-evaluate their strategies in order to pull out of the crisis facing them.

Every company must analyse the marketing mix, i.e. Product, Price, Promotion and Distribution while planning their market entry strategy. Since the American management were successful while launching the brand previously, in the USA and Japan, they thought it best to use the same formula in Europe. They were met
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It highlights some of the key issues that can arise when multinational companies, such as Walt Disney Co., enter foreign markets.
This report analyses the case and gives key recommendations for future launches based on a SWOT analysis, market research and the international planning process as outlined in Cateora & Graham (2005).
The recommendations are directed to assist Walt Disney CO. in evaluating possible new locations for another Disneyland.

2. Case Study Summary and The French Market

The key issues the case study is dealing with are: insufficient knowledge of the Disney’s management about the French culture and habits, a venturous initial financing, and wrong marketing and pricing policies.
The Walt Disney Co. opened its first European Disneyland in Paris in April 1992. The Paris location accepted the bid for the biggest and most lavish Disneyland by this time due to generous incentives of the French government and the impressive demographic characteristics of this region. Since the Disney management figured out that 310 million people – or possible visitors – can reach Euro Disney within a two hours travel by plane, it was expected to attract 11 million visitors in the first year of operation.
Euro Disney adopted an early advertising campaign to emphasize the details and size
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