Disney Learns to "Act Local" on the Global Stage

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Disney Learns to "Act Local" on the Global Stage
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Disney Learns to "Act Local" on the Global Stage
The Walt Disney Company, home to Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and other iconic characters, has a stellar reputation in many parts of the world for its family-friendly entertainment offerings. The company 's parks and resorts division operates theme parks in five global locations, including a recent $1.8 billion park in Hong Kong. Disney 's fabled studio entertainment unit has an illustrious history in both animation and live-action features. The Lion King, released in 1994, is the highest grossing animated film of all time. More recently, Disney has enjoyed massive hits with
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Disney 's other divisions are also pursuing a more localized approach in key emerging markets. As Jason Reed, general manager for Walt Disney Studios International Productions, noted, "We 've been very successful with our big global productions, such as Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure. But we think there 's a natural way to supplement these films in areas like China, Russia, and India—areas that have built-in film traditions."
For example, in India Disney is abandoning its go-it-alone policy and partnering with local companies such as Yash Raj Films. One new Hindi-language show, Dhoom Machaao Dhoom, concerns a girl 's quest for identity after living in the United States; another show, Vicky and Vetal, concerns a boy 's friendship with a 300-year-old ghost. The new approach is clearly paying off. In 2008, Disney released Roadside Romeo, its first animated feature developed specifically for India. The film was box-office gold, with the best opening weekend of any Disney feature in India.
Disney is hoping to appeal to India 's family-oriented middle-class consumers; core themes include "believe in yourself, express yourself, and celebrate your family." Because the number of cable television subscribers is increasingly rapidly, Disney launched the Disney Channel and Toon Disney. In addition, the company acquired Hugama, a children 's channel. Disney is also making Indian versions of its hit movie High

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