Disney: Marketing Analysis

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History and Current Situation 3

Marketing Mix 4

The Macro Environmental Analysis 8

The competitive environment 12

Marketing Objectivesn 13

International Operations 17

Conclusion 20

History and Current Situation

The Walt Disney Company started off on the dreams of one man, Walt Disney. He started the Walt Disney Studios in 1926 to make animated films for children but was not satisfied with his accomplishments. As his motion pictures and television programs became successful, he felt a desire to branch out. One area that intrigued him was amusement parks. As a father, he had taken his children to carnivals and other entertainment enterprises, but he always ended up sitting out the rides while the kids had all the
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Disney has plans to open a Disneyland in Hong Kong by 2006.

Recent years have seen a major growth in the Walt Disney Company "enterprise" as one would call it. Growing from movies, TV, theme parks, stores to Broadway shows, Disney Company has set a benchmark for other companies. Early in 1996, Disney completed its acquisition of Capital/ABC. The $19 Billion deal brought the country's top television network to the Disney, in addition to 10 TV Stations, 21 radio stations, 7 daily newspapers, and ownership positions in 4 cable networks.

Marketing Mix

Today, the Walt Disney Company is highly diversified - it is divided into 5 major business segments: Studio Entertainment, Parks and Resorts, Media Networks, Consumer Products, and Internet & Direct Marketing. Since this paper stresses on only one strategic business unit of Walt Disney, Parks and Resorts, the following discussion of the elements of marketing mix will be with respect to this SBU only.


The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is a product line offered by the conglomerate Walt Disney World. This line offers intangible products only.

Core product: magical experience.

Actual product: attractions, shows, Disney characters, rooms, food. The actual product is delivered in a "package", so the sections of the parks and resorts are consistent with certain themes.

Augmented product: memorable service. The Walt Disney
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