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As has been noted, Disney World is one of the biggest companies in the world. As long as we have this big company, we may have uncountable numbers. It is a huge brand and it has many fans. Even there are many advantages or disadvantages from having it, they still have their main goal, which is making profits. According to Disney’s corporate website, the mission of the Walt Disney Company is to be one of the world’s famous creators and producers of enjoyment and data. Utilizing our container of brands to vary our products, we look to innovative and gainful enjoyment experiences and connect items in the world, and to develop the most imaginative creations. Walt, who is the owner of the company, and Roy, who is Walt’s assistant, admitted that he got to stay one step ahead of the competition in order to be the most innovative and creative animation company of all time (1). This company makes efforts that made it unmatchable in market. It is obvious that Disney is unmatchable because of its profits that they have been making since they started. What is the most remarkable thing that they made and how much money do they make?
These are good questions and we may take a while to answer, but let’s start with its role business segments. There are four business segments, which are enhancing its original business model as studio creating animated shorts and full-length features-Disney consumer products, studio entertainment, media network, and parks and resorts. Each one of these is…

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