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We all have memories different than everyone else.Lights shimmer, “I see one,” the smell of musty wood, blood slowly dripping to My lip,bland baby octopus. something most of us have experiences but all in different ways. These are some of mine.
Disney on Ice Have you ever seen skater’s in princess dresses?
My mom’s friend from work had extra tickets to a Disney on Ice show so she asked my mom if We wanted to go & my mom said yes. we walk in & it smells like concession stand food.we got to our seats which took a while we got a rubber flounder hat cotton candy a cool fizzy sprite & coke with cotton candy. we got to our seats & my mom’s friend gave me a present a sleeping beauty polly pocket. the show begins & Disney music blasts while girls sing along. Lights Shimmer on Disney characters as they dance sliding across the ice. Lights dim when sleeping beauty lays there & prince phillip skates to her side lights shining brightly on them. later all the characters line up in one long line & bow together. then we leave through the crowded building & I’m filled with joy.

my first time eating baby Octopus

on one Christmas night I ate something that has made me eat things like century old duck eggs or pig Eye’s. I was three years old and my dad is always trying to get us to try new things. So on Christmas nights my dad's
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me and my older brother walk into the room & every time I saw an egg I would shout “See one!” My older brother franticly looking every were to grab all the eggs before me. we grab our festive baskets filled with chocolate bunny’s,peeps,& other sugary goodies throw that to the side & look for eggs. my brother gets more eggs than I do.then we open them I get Quarters & when I was three a $2 &you were after that we went to church & I got on A light yellow dress. at church in my sunday class for three year olds we had an egg hunt & I got even more
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