Disney Park Research Paper

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What’s So Special About Disney Parks?
Photo of Mickey’s Fun Wheel prior to the showing of World of Color.
Disneyland and California Adventure are great examples of how a space can bring together individuals from all types of backgrounds. Disparate people, of all ages, are welcomed to visit Disney parks to interact with each other while enjoying the same attractions and entertainment. According to Joel Kotkin, great cities are safe so that people feel secure, are busy with commerce, and are sacred in the sense that the space originated from religious structures. By this definition, Disneyland is comparable to that of a city because it is a safe place where adults and children can visit. Additionally, the park is extremely busy by operating year
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occurred on the Grizzly River Run Ride, where I met a nice couple visiting the park all the way from Melbourne to celebrate their anniversary at Disney California Adventure. They had informed me that there currently is no Disneyland in Australia. I suddenly realized that Disney theme parks in California are prime tourist attractions to a majority of the world’s population who do not have a Disneyland park in their area. Up until this point, I did not perceive Disneyland as a tourist attraction because I have lived near the park for all my life and was always accessible to it. Disney has marketed itself across cultures, languages, and borders so that the brand is universal. This cultural spot has attracted a significant population size and density to create a “critical mass”, or subculture, of Disney fans. This is evident when one observes the variety of people from different corners of the world, all converging at “The Happiest Place on Earth”. Walt Disney, the founder of the company, acknowledged the importance of building his park near the Metropolitan area of Los Angeles and along the freeway to ensure that the park would be accessible. Disparate people can now meet at theme parks, such as Disneyland, and are able to converse about what it is that brought them to that space and
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