Disney Pixar Released Pete Docter 's Movie, Inside Out

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Introduction In 2015, Disney Pixar released Pete Docter’s movie, Inside Out. The initial release of the movie was a hit in the box office and made a lot of young children and even their parents, thrilled to see. I went to see this movie with my family and I was actually excited about it because the previews were very entertaining. I am not one that typically wastes money to go see an animated film in the movie theater, but this one the one exception. The movie is about an 11-year-old girl, Riley, who moves to San Francisco with her parents from Minnesota, due to her father’s job. The main characters of the movie, however, are not Riley and her parents, but Riley’s primary emotions – Happiness (Joy), Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. These emotions give us a glimpse into the mindset of a young adolescent girl who is having trouble adjusting to her new surroundings and faking her happiness for her parents. This movie appealed to me because it was so relatable and it had such a deeper messages that takes knowledge and life experience to understand. The emotions that Riley is feeling throughout the movie really made the audience feel connected to her character. The movie exceeded my expectations and made it completely worth going to see. The emotions in the movie were more than just characters; they were a part of the person watching. This movie had the potential to make viewers think about their actions and reactions towards situations in their everyday life. Riley’s

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