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Disney Pixar’s Up released in 2009 is a story of a grumpy, old man by the name of Mr. Fredricksen and a young Wilderness Explorer by the name of Russel. The movie opens with a love story between a young Mr. Fredrickson and his soon to be wife Ellie. They have a dream to move to South America and live right next to Paradise Falls. Their dream continually gets pushed back due to financial struggles and in the end Ellie dies before this dream can be fulfilled. The story picks up with Russel diligently and persistently working toward achieving his final badge, assisting the elderly badge. The story continues on and will lead the two leaders into great adventure where ethics, purpose, and conflict will be put to the test and battle for priority in the leadership styles of many dominating characters of this plot. The way that leadership is best exemplified in this fil, and worded perfectly by Exploring Leadership, “Leadership has to do with relationships, the role of which cannot be overstated” (Komives, Lucas, & McMahon, 1998). This quote is the embodiment of leadership that is exhibited in this film. Leadership can be found in nearly every situation and the context of every situation that leadership can be observed in is founded on the relationships that compose and impact the situation and leader/leaders. Leadership must also take into account the ethical boundaries and implication that leadership imposes. This idea of ethics is subjective to the personal view and beliefs of

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