Disney Plays a Role in Shaping Girls' Self-Esteem

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Likewise, reality is frequently perceived as a poor substitute for the enchanted world, where good always thwarts evil and with characters living “Happily Ever After.” When most children or adults think of the great classical fairy tales today, the first thought that usually comes to mind is Disney. Their representations of classic fairy tale texts are so powerful that a vast majority has formed mental images of the princesses and other characters depicted in fairy tales, whether it be from classic books to popular media, the unchanged variable for any woman is beauty (Wohlend 60); usually presented with a flawless and virtuous female protagonist, who encounters obstacles that are vital to overcome in order to live happily in the end. Thus the Disney Corporation plays an important role in shaping the self-esteem of young girls, by playing a persuasive role as producers of culture in the, “construction of knowledge…with a limited worldview, skewed and dominated by corporate interests” (Garofalo). By doing so, Disney and other media sources alike, create a challenge for society to compete with these unrealistic representations and anticipated identities that are projected for society and that are regimented by design practices deemed by manufacturing media (Wohlend 59). Disney’s princesses emanate with, “excesses of…
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