`` Disney Princess Effect `` By Stephanie Hanes

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Little girls? Or little women? The “Disney Princess Effect”, an article written by Stephanie Hanes was published September 4, 2011 the CS Monitor. Girls growing up in today’s society are being stripped of their childhoods. With fictional figures to dream of being, young girls aren’t falling in love with the beauty of the stories but more so they assume that they don’t look good enough to be like the world adored princesses. The author wrote this article in response to the epidemic of young girls growing up too fast and the concern it leaves. Between the Finucane Theory, the “Hottie Mystique” and the media onslaught will all reveal the beginning to a much bigger problem that these Disney princesses are creating. The author contends that young girls are losing sight of their childhoods and are becoming sexually advanced too soon. This article is divided into three different sections- Finucane’s Theory, the Hottie Mystique and the media onslaught. The Finucane Theory comes about because of a mother that was worried about her daughter and the influence they were having on her. Her theory states “Many Parents and commentators defend Happily Ever After against what some critics call a rising “feminist attack,” and credit the comely ladies with teaching values such as kindness, reading, love of animals, and perseverance. When questioned, Disney never really responded to the allegations but stated the same standard statement, “For 75 years, millions of little girls and their
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