Disney Princess Effect Research Paper

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The Disney Princess Effect When you think back to Elementary school or the early middle school days, what do you remember? Is it chasing the boys around the playground? Is it finally convincing your mom to let you wear a training bra or mascara? Or is it something negative like getting made fun of for what you were wearing or for not having a cell phone? All of these are caused by “The Disney Princess Effect”. Stephanie Hanes, a freelance journalist, discusses the early sexual growth of young women and how Disney Princess or social media can have a huge effect on this ongoing issue that has continued to impact little girls at a younger and younger age. Could it be possible that your favorite Disney Princess was a huge reason why you acted …show more content…

We tend to think that we need to wear certain clothes and in order to catch other people’s attention. Like Cinderella for example. The blonde step daughter was treated like a house slave. She wore dirty clothes and never wore nice makeup. As soon as her fairy godmother gave her beautiful hair and dress, everyone started to notice her. Even the prince. My 7 year old cousin is getting into this stage. She is always asking to do makeup or hair. Everytime we do makeup she looks in the mirror and says how pretty she looks. If she’s not feeling pretty with makeup on she finds a phone to put a snapchat filter on that makes her look prettier and takes away from her natural features. These sad habits at that young of an age are going to get even worse as she gets older. High school girls nowadays will do makeup or get dressed up for an instagram picture. A lot of girls say, “The less clothes, the more likes” or “it’s be 5 minutes and no one has commented yet! I’m deleting it!”. There are even apps nowadays to change your body shape, photoshop abs onto your stomach, or even add more makeup to your face. We always compare ourselves to other girls with thousands of followers. We always look for the likes, favorites, retweets, or comments in order to feel good about ourselves. And we always feel like we always feel like we need to look good all the time in order to get someone’s attention. This is all caused from the Disney Princess

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