Disney Princesses : An Overt Sense Of Self Esteem

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Fred Rogers and the Disney princesses have a unique similarity in that they both employ an overt sense of self-esteem in children, which negatively impacts that child’s future. Mr. Rogers, through his television show, has made kids believe that they are special for just being who they are. A similar idea is also true regarding Disney princesses, in that the little girls who emulate them believe that life should be lived as a fairy tale. As children grow up, they are very easily influenced by what their surroundings, particularly by what they see and hear. With Mr. Rogers being the main character on an educational children’s TV program and the “princess” message being promoted everywhere you look, it is very simple for children to latch onto these people/characters. All of these individuals seem to allow the child to believe that they are at the center of the world. This may be nothing to yearn over if it is seen in a young child, but as the child grows up there are various factors that may be worrisome. Self-esteem, empowerment, and entitlement are three ideals that could be influenced negatively as the child develops into a young adult. Once again, on the surface it may seem that Mr. Rogers and the Disney princesses are very positive role models for the youth of our country, but it is evident that there are aspects of their teaching/culture that are not all that good for an easily influenced, developing child. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was an educational…
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