Disney Strategic Assessment Essay

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Walt Disney Company for eighty years has captured the attentions of millions of people around the world, offering family entertainment at theme parks, resorts, recreations, movies, TV shows, radio programming, and memorabilia (David, 2009). Today, Walt Disney possesses four main business segments: Disney Consumer products, Studio Entertainment, Parks and Resorts, and Media Networks. Each of Disney's business units increased profits apart from its interactive division, which was recently restructured (Garrahan, 2011). By combining Disney's long history with the commitment to quality, Disney Consumer Products has had a large and steady presence in the toy marketplace (Anonymous, 2010). Studio entertainment has been somewhat of
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Frequent transitions in management can effect a firm tremendously.
The $1.8 Billion park have only 16 attractions. 0.06 1 0.06 Competing amusement parks has upgraded their attractions to attract more consumers and Disney is has recently strategizing this approach to a more concentrated perspective. This can ultimately lower their revenues until the plan is complete.
Continuous need of new ideas to gain the attention of customers 0.07 1 0.07 Disney continuously has to adapt to demographix changes in order to deliver products and services that match consumer preferences across countries, this is major in regards to the internet, which is a threat for Disney.
Limited audience 0.04 2 0.08 Disney has major competition from the media industry, competition is high for viewers with other television networks. This competition is also with satellite providers and several media networks to maintain a target audience.
Total 1.00 2.70
An External Factor Evaluation (EFE) Matrix allows strategists to summarize and evaluate various factors that include technological and competitive information (David, 2009). An EFE weighted score of 2.56 determines that Disney is performing rather well, however, there is still need for improvements in regards to their ratings. The most important factor in this matrix is “More Hit Disney Films,” this is key due to the fact that the media business
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