Disney Strategic Initiative Paper

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Disney Strategic Initiative Paper Tammy Adams, Kecia Darnell, Chelsea Hensley, Elizabeth Munns, and Zameika Williams University of Phoenix FIN 370 Professor Stephen Beadnell October 18, 2010 Strategic Initiative Paper Introduction This paper will address the strategic and financial planning associated with the operations of Disney. In addition, the paper will show the correlation between strategic and financial planning. The impact of the organization’s initiative costs, sales, and associated risks the organization encounters during the financial and strategic planning will be addressed. “Thus, the financial planning process provides a tool for preparing for the future working-capital requirements of the firm.” (Keown, 2005)…show more content…
However, focusing primarily on the impact the Disney Company, the effects could be more drastic. One scenario is the parties do not reach an agreement in regard to the streaming fees Disney wants to charge Netflix and the companies discontinue business. Netflix will no longer provide Disney movies for rent, this could lead to a decrease in potential sales and free advertising for Disney. It could be said that Netflix users will select from a the remainder of the selection of movies available, however, according to the article, the likelihood is that Netflix will negotiate with The Disney Company so there are no limitations put on the amount of streaming video Netflix can offer . This will actually increase the current acquisition costs for Netflix at an estimated incremental one percent acquisition cost. There will be a positive impact on sales for Disney due to the additional charges able to be acquired through attaching fees to the online streaming content. As a result of restructuring and creating multiple departments within Disney, the organization’s financial planning is efficient. The organization has identified financial goals, prioritized those goals, and developed a financial plan by using the legacy information to determine the organization’s financial forecast. The organization focuses on key relationships that will provide additional resources for the business,
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