Disney : The Culture Behind The Park

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Disney: The Culture Behind the Park The lifecycle of Disney begins with a great story. The story of Disney itself is filled with characters, costumes, and lessons. Disney is known to usually start as a movie and eventually becomes books, merchandise, sequels, TV shows, and of course theme park rides. The fantasy world itself and what the theme parks offer is what specifically catches the visitor’s attention to want to come back again. Throughout all of Disney advertisements regarding their parks, they display happy children, words that imply Disney will change your life, and any more inspiring, encouraging words which lead children to think that they must go to the place where their dreams come true. They find a need to feel a…show more content…
Eventually the content of the kingdom lead to many merchandise sales, not to mention thousands of people processed through rides at theme parks and hotels. By the influence of the fantasy magic Walt created back in 1950 has spread throughout public spaces such as restaurants, office buildings, malls, airports, hotels, college campuses, museums. Walt wanted to create a place that told a story and he knew he couldn’t do this on his own to make it come true. Through this creation of this fantasy world, the economic shifts influenced the crowds views on the park. “In 1952, Disney raised and set aside money to create WED Enterprises, standing for Walter Elias Disney” (21, 2015 Tracy Says). WED Enterprises would collide all of the people and technology he needed to to make this theme park come alive. Walt knew he needed funding development for his fantasy, so he partnered with ABC. Through Disney’s success over the years, they have had their competitors that come along the way. One of Disney’s biggest competitors is Universal Studios, and Disney had 18.6 more attendances than at Universal. “132.5 million guests last year according to the 2013 global attractions attendance report produced by industry monitors AECOM Economics and the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA)” (Sylt). One of Disney key to success is due to the theme of the park. The characters, costumes, music, atmosphere is what makes Disney, disney and stands out more than Universal Studios. To
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