Disney Value Of Disney Parks

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Introduction Disney Parks is one out of the five core business segments owned by the Walt Disney Co. Initially christened as Walt Disney Attractions, the division undertakes conceptualisation, construction and administration of theme parks along with the vacation resorts in addition to the various other leisure enterprises targeted towards families. The division was established in 1971 when Magic Kingdom opened its doors at Florida’s Walt Disney World, giving company to the California based original Disneyland. Disney parks played host to 134 million visitors in 2014, thus becoming most visited park across theme parks in the world placing it ahead of competitor and main rival Merlin Entertainments – the second ranked (At Disney World,…show more content…
Emphasizing on the importance of undertanding consumer insights and connect as high critical to the company’s success (Datamonitor, 2010). The two departments – Sales and Marketing, helped the company to read and assilimate along with engaging consumers via researching and undersrtanding and providing effective and compelling communication material. To take these goals further, marketing and sales have been now aligned under an Executive Vice President who is in charge of Global Sales and marketing. The objective to bring these world class departments together is to lead to expansion of consumer understanding and connect with them thereby increasing ability of converting them into guests. Work Culture Aspiring to have a spirit of inspiration as a team is something the company look towards to in its work culture. The company underscores on employing a diverse work force as highly critical for the success of its business. The company is open to the various opinions, different ideas and perspectives from all across with the simple objective of it ensuring that they continue to remain or better the performance as they have shown so far and also exhibit its global marketplace (Palmeri et.al, 2015). When employee behavior reflect in similar fashion as to the communities they host and serve, it adds shine and enhances their way of connecting with the consumers, audience and the guests. Together everybody works for an environment inclusive in nature that
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