Disney World Is The World 's Premier Theme Park

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There are many fantastic theme parks around the world, but some of the most popular are located in Florida. Out of these Florida parks, Sea World, Universal Studios, and Disney World, from Central Florida stand out. However, I believe one of these three parks is arguably superior, and that is Disney World. Since 1971, Disney World has undeniably become the world’s premier and most popular theme park attraction, bringing in around 52 million customers every year. Disney World has a fantastic assortment of fun-filled rides, amazing attractions, and phenomenal world-class entertainment, that, combined with their friendly and enthusiastic personnel, provide such a satisfying customer service experience that people make it their primary vacation spot year after year. If you have never been to Disney World, they will not disappoint, as they also have a convenient park layout that caters to first-timers. This essay will show not only what about Disney World has made it the world’s premier theme park, but that the popularity of the other two does not necessarily mean they are a pleasant experience. Firstly, Sea World is probably the least satisfactory out of the theme parks in central Florida on my list. For starters, getting over the fact that 20-foot sea creatures are being kept in tanks a fraction of the living space needed, is not an easy task. Orca whales in the wild swim up

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