Disney and Pixar Alliance

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The alliance has proven a success from many animations like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Up and etc. Both company have allies to make many animation which led to Disney acquire Pixar. The alliance looks like a simple task at first for both companies as they only contribute certain resources to the partnership but the more time passes the more difficult it’s become.
The relationship was started in 1978 as they were working together on the CAPS 2D production system. The alliance went quite well at first as itthey generated profits to both companies and they ended up signing an agreement to produced animation movies together. Pixar and Disney produced seven films over the course of their alliance that end in June after Pixar delivering “Cars”. The company CEO Steve jobs tried to reach a new agreement with Disney CEO but failed as the agreement did not meet Pixar demands for more profitabilityresulting in some tension between Jobs and Disney CEO Michael Eisner at that time.However, they continued to talk after Disney changed their CEO to be Robert A. Iger (Disney buying Pixar for $7.4 billion, 2006). These talks ended up in Disney acquiring Pixar but both companies remain separate entities. The acquisition of Pixar happened as Disney saw a large potential as a competitors while they were in an alliance together which left them with only one option.
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