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1. Disneyland Market Positioning and Expansion into the international Market
Disneyland has pride itself to be a fantasy world, a place where people (regardless of age) can escape from reality (Appendix 1 shows that fantasy world is heavily weighted in the proportion of Disney movies). With this positioning statement that applies to everyone regardless of geographic location (Chinese have dreams and can fantasize as much as Americans or Europeans), expansion into the international market may not seem to be a challenge for Walt Disney Company. However, in evaluating the past 4 years of attendance and operating figures of their newest park – Hong Kong Disneyland, it goes to show that the park performance is far from ideal. Why does the
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Some problems arose as a result of this. For example, trying to include “Shark’s fin soup” into menus resulted in angry response from environmentalists. Also, they created“Chinese Food Street” that ended up pulling away customers from their other more expensive restaurants. “This is where Hong Kong Disneyland seems to have overcompensated for cultural differences and settled for a less than authentic Disney experience”
3.3. Hong Kong Disneyland could have been bigger and included more rides
A bulk of visitor complaints was in relation to the park size being too small. Following the example of Tokyo Disneyland, they should have created larger pathways and gathering spaces in order to prevent overcrowding. Also, there were fewer rides as compared to their counterparts in other countries (Appendix 3). The small park size and limited rides cause visitors to leave the park feeling that they have not experienced the Disney magic that Disney emphasizes so greatly.
4. Disneyland is opening a new park in Shanghai
Disneyland is undaunted by the failure in Hong Kong, and intends to open a Disneyland in Shanghai that is around 5 times the size of Hong Kong Disneyland. This park is due to complete in year 2014 (BBC, 2010). Moving forward, we have 3 key recommendations for Disney related to this theme park
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