Disney 's A New Doll

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Exactly twenty years ago a group of humans in Switzerland created a new doll, which would make playing more realistic than ever. The dolls soon became a hit with children from all around the world. The dolls, comparable to the humans had feelings and a mind of their own and one day they decided to rebel. Twenty years later their rebellion succeeded and the remaining established a small village in a Swiss toy factory. They named the village “Little Red” after their most beloved villagers Red Little. Unlike the other there was only one Red Little doll created. Red was designed based on a popular fairy tale character named “Little Red riding hood” who was known for her innocence’s. Not only was Red created, but the Big Bad Wolf, also known as…show more content…
Maybe Wolf isn’t as bad as we all think he is.”
Red was seething with anger she didn’t appreciate the villagers getting friendly with Wolf. She decided to remind the villagers that Wolf is evil and shouldn’t be trusted. That night she sneaked into the local clothing store and destroyed every clothing piece there. The following morning everyone gathered in front of the crime scene including Wolf.
“Who would do this?”
“It must have been Wolf!”
Wolf shook his head, “I didn’t do it you have no proof!”
The villagers nodded in agreement, he was right they had no proof but they still kept a wary eye. The next night the villagers gathered for a meeting in the hall. Meanwhile, Red broke into a villager’s house using a pair of scissors she left something similar to claw marks all over the house. Soon later everyone gathered at the house.
“The criminal must have done this during the meeting.”
“It must have been Wolf!”
Wolf shook his head, “It wasn’t me! I was at the meeting therefore I couldn’t have done it” The villagers nodded in agreement Wolf was undoubtedly right, he had been at the meeting so he couldn 't have committed the crime. “The only person who didn’t attend the meeting is Red.”
“But it couldn’t have been Red she is too cute and innocent besides, she doesn’t have sharp claws,” Said one of the villagers.
That same night the village council secretly
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