Disney 's Evolving And Adapting Their Ideologies And How Is Frozen 's Narrative Challenging Patriarchal Themes?

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Why in 2013 is Disney evolving and adapting their ideologies and how is Frozen’s narrative challenging patriarchal themes?

‘The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing,’ (Walt Disney) demonstrates the ambition that the Disney brothers had when creating one of the most influential brands of the world. The Walt Disney institution is an infamous diversified global mass media corporation, who has granted us with some of our beloved characters today including Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Donald Duck. Roy O and Walt Disney founded the company on October 23rd 1923 . The primary outlet of it was to produce original animations in America. Yet it continued its path of success to conquer the world of theme parks, television programmes, cable television and award winning films. Today, the Disney Brand is recognized as being one of the most successful names in the film and television field, with 14 international theme parks, numerous cable television channels and a strong online presence. Despite the fact that majority of people, are active consumers of Disney productions, the primary demographic are young boys and girls aged 3-9 and the secondary audience is parents and family members of these children. The geographic of a typical Disney consumer ranges from China to America, and from Australia to England, as over time the Disney genre has migrated using it’s success and reputation to cross these borders. One aspect, which is often criticized regarding the Disney…
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