Disney 's Influence On Children

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In 2013 Frozen made $1,274,234,980 at the worldwide box office. However, a billion dollars is only a small example of Disney’s influence. Disney has eleven princesses that influence children, especially young girls, internationally. In figures 1a and 1b, the chart shows that about 93% of participants watch Disney princess movies. Even with a large influence on the world, many critics have questioned if Disney’s movies have enough diversity. As a college student in a school committed to diversity, I have wondered about Disney’s diversity as well. In an online survey provided through links on Facebook, the 45 participants were asked their opinion of Disney Princess movies. The participants were also asked to evaluate racial diversity, if the accuracy of the current examples of diversity, and how they would rank diversity in Disney movies. Along with the subject questions, the participates were asked to provide answers to demographic questions; such as age, sex, and racial identity. The questions in the survey were asked with hopes of understanding how Disney’s audience feels about diversity and how it corresponds with their own identity. The data of the survey was collected through convenience sampling. The sampling method was considered convenient because the population sampled are my peers and family members. The sampling method was also considered convenient because the data collected is a gross estimate Disney viewer’s opinion without using the time or resource needed…
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