Disney 's Influence On Disney

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Disney has been around for many generations of people’s lives and has had a true impact on most of society, but now Disney is slowly straying away from the true purpose that they have built all of their old work upon. No longer is Disney focused on being a “magical” company, but more of one that has the most power in the world, which they have already been able to achieve. Disney now appears to be profit hungry by producing films that relate to society rather than inspire it, or repeat an old animation film through live-action, i.e. Cinderella. Society’s influence on Disney became so grand, with the demands of more feminist movies, different ethnicities, etc. that Disney decided to please society. Disney now is meeting these demands with their current and future films because it is a guaranteed profit. But now the question arises, has Disney really changed or has this been their way of operation the entire time? Many people believe that Disney is still the same as it was before, inspiring the age group intended with their films, but the past generation has grown up and is not able to view Disney as inspiring, due to the maturity that their mind has grown into. However, some believe that Disney has changed the way they used to produce films. It has broken the shell of stereotypes and has improved on women’s rights within the films. On the other hand, there are a portion of people who believe that Disney’s market differs from before and is profit hungry but they believe that…
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