Disney 's Influence On Disney

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Disney has been around for many generations of people’s lives and has had a true impact on most of society, but now Disney is slowly straying away from the true purpose that they have built all of their old work upon. No longer is Disney focused on being a “magical” company, but more of one that has the most power in the world, which they have already been able to achieve. Disney now appears to be profit hungry by producing films that relate to society rather than inspire it, or repeat an old animation film through live-action, i.e. Cinderella. Society’s influence on Disney became so grand, with the demands of more feminist movies, different ethnicities, etc. that Disney decided to please society. Disney now is meeting these demands with…show more content…
While these perspectives have well thought ideas, from my view point, Disney is straying away from being “magical” to slowly transforming into becoming a people pleasing company. All of this helps them gain more profit and creates greed/lust for more.
Disney has been alive through many generations. As people age, the mind’s thought process changes. Due to this, it is said that people “grow out” of old interests, which some put Disney into this. Instead of Disney being the one to change, it is the older generations. Disney supposedly aims for a certain age group. In a journal by Towbin, children are discussed towards the beginning because Disney is known to have a huge influence on them through media because media is how they learn now a days and Disney takes a part in shaping their future. That is where the argument appears about Disney not changing because if they truly changed, the children would not enjoy the films as much as they do already, always wanting to be a certain Disney princess or another character. Adults have already found their passion, how to function and go through life, this being said, the Disney films are just there for the adults to watch for entertainment if wished, and if not, it was intended for a child to begin with. Others believe Disney has changed their purpose of their work, but for the better. The shell of stereotypes are broken within the films, and the
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