Disney 's Influence On Young Girls Gender Role And Self Esteem

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Genevie M. Sauceda
Texas A & M University – San Antonio Abstract
The purpose of this paper is to examine if a relationship between gender role and self-esteem exist in girls who view Disney Princess movies. Twenty-one elementary fifth grade girl’s ages ten and eleven were questioned on how Disney princess movies influence their perception of gender role and self-esteem. The results suggest there is a relationship between the two variables, however it is a weak correlation. It also revealed gender stereotypical behavior roles (e.g. gentle, weak, dependent, beautiful, and perform domestic duties) did not have a statistical significant in young girls self-esteem.

Keywords: Children; Disney; Gender; Gender role; Self-esteem; Television INTRODUCTION
Since the mid-twentieth century, researchers have studied the amount of television watched by American children. They found children spend more time, almost 5,000 hours, watching television than any other activity except sleep prior to entering into grade school (Liebert, Neale, & Davidson, 1973). These results rank television as the main source of entertainment for young children between the ages of three to fives years old.
Disney is one of the five top grossing corporations in the world of media entertainment and product consumerism (England, Descartes, & Collier-Meek, 2011). According to Bazzini, Curtin, Joslin, Regan, and Martz (2010), Disney’s
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