Disney 's Main Mistakes From The Conception Of The Paris Resort

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2. What were Disney’s main mistakes from the conception of the Paris resort in 1992 through to 2006? According to Disneyland Paris, it says, “Disneyland Tokyo had opened in 1982. Because Disney was wary of losing money on the Japanese venture it decided not to own the Tokyo site – a decision it came to regret”. One of the mistakes Disney land Paris made was allowing hotels owned by other companies to be built at its earlier US Disneyland parks, this was a mistake for them as they have been losing out on making extra income, the hotels in the resort were only owned about 25 per by Disneyland, this also made them struggle to make enough income. For instance, Disneyland Paris were concerned about providing consumers with the best needs and experience on rides, offers, hotel, park, this shows Disneyland Paris made a huge mistake opening hotel and Tokyo in US, as there was a high cost to build and refurbish the premises. The resort needs to make sure that their Expenses which are outcome should be lower than the income they make as this will mean they can keep the business running. This is evident when the reputable writer says, “ ”. Another Writer says, “ ”. With regards to Disney land, it was important for them to have a fixed cost. Having variable cost is risky for the organization as they don’t know what it will cost at the end, which may mean they have to pay money they don’t have, this also includes budgeting as they didn’t budget for what they wanted. Disney could

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