Disney 's Roster Of Heroes

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Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are joining Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear and Iron Man in Disney 's roster of heroes (USA Today). Disney Chairman and CEO Robert Iger, along with Star Wars creator George Lucas, set the financial world and nerd-universe on their ear when they announced that Disney was purchasing Lucasfilm for the out-of-this-world sum of $4 billion (the same amount they paid for Marvel) (Screenrant). Disney is buying Lucasfilm for $4 billion, adding the legendary Star Wars franchise to the entertainment giant 's stable of characters. Lucasfilm is 100% owned by founder George Lucas. The purchase culminates a one and a half year pursuit of the Lucas empire, Disney 's CEO said (USA Today).
One weekend last October, Robert Iger, chief executive officer of Walt Disney (DIS), sat through all six Star Wars films. He’d seen them before, of course. This time, he took notes. Disney was in secret negotiations to acquire Lucasfilm, the company founded by Star Wars creator George Lucas, and Iger needed to do some due diligence (Bloomberg). Negotiation is one of the most important as well as one of the most interesting and challenging aspects of supply management. In industry and at most levels of government, the term “negotiation” frequently causes misunderstandings. In industry, negotiation sometimes is confused with “haggling” and “price chiseling.” Increasingly, negotiations are conducted by cross-functional teams. These teams must be well coordinated to function as an

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