Disney 's Strategic Process Of Success Essay

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Walt Disney transformed a small private company into a blooming public company surrounded by success. The case study presents his strategic process of success starting from the ground-potential he encompassed as a young boy. Today, Disney is still a famous company seen throughout everyday life in a wide variety of presentations. Disney is represented through movies, short films, cartoons, television networks, theme parks, hotels, and characters. In accordance to the case study, the most important quote obtained from Disney is “you’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway” (3). Through this quote, Walt set the success for Disney as aimed towards families, creating a fun environment and opportunity for pre-teens and adults to forever enjoy. Under the leadership of Walt Disney, the company endured financial uprisings continuously for 43 years up until his death in 1966. Walt had a niche for being able to maintain a creative mindset while also running a tight-knit community of employees who cooperated around his plan to expand the company. His style of managing the company included communication between his workers because he did not want them to feel inferior to other workers. By following the three rules of management, “teamwork, communication, and cooperation,” Walt and the rest of the company succeeded in becoming licensed the best company. He lead the company through a series of firsts following what he thought were the right opportunities

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