Disney 's Strengths Of Disney

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Disney Studio 's main focus is on idea generation and storytelling through film and animation. In order to be successful in its mission, Disney needs to be a strong, financially stable company, and judging by its recent blockbuster hits, it is obvious Disney is achieving that mission. Disney’s strengths lie most notably in its ability to appeal to different crowds through a variety of studios, its strong, internationally recognized brand, its reputation for doing good and treating others well, and having the monetary funds to attract and keep the best talent. Despite its many strengths, Disney still encounters problems; it ammasses high sunk costs through expensive movie ventures and does not make a lot of that money back; Disney films bring in a very small percentage of Disney’s overall income when compared to its theme parks and attractions, television networks, and other holdings. Disney Studios may just be one department of an international conglomerate, but it sets the tone for the rest of the corporation. One of Disney’s greatest strengths lies in its diversification. The Walt Disney Company is in and of itself a very diverse organization, with holdings in film production, amusement parks, cruises, hotels, performances, and toy manufacturing. However, even within its film production, Disney is incredibly diverse. What started out as a singular entity, Disney Bros. Cartoon Studio, has grown into a massive conglomerate of animation studios, entertainment universes like
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