Disney 's Target Audience And Its Effects On Young Adults And Adults

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Audience. It may appear that Disney’s target audience is primarily children, but with its vast assets Disney’s products reach the full spectrum of audiences from preschoolers to adults. Disney products include television programs, books, magazines, musical recordings and movies (David, 2013). Disney Channels Worldwide is comprised of 94 kid and family entertainment channels available in 169 countries (David, 2013) ABC Family is a mixture of TV series and movies targeted towards young adults and families. SOAPnet owns character driven “soapy drama” from daytime and primetime soaps to reality shows and movies, targeted at women and adults. Hyperion publishes fiction and nonfiction titles for adults (David, 2013). Radio Disney is available in more than 40 U.S. markets and on satellite radio, mobile apps and the web (David, 2013). Disney’s Consumer Products segment includes worldwide licenses, manufacturers and retailers who design and sell a variety of products based on Disney characters. These products include character merchandise and publications licensing, books, magazines and the Disney Store (Hellman, 2013). The impact of having this diversified group of outlets is shown by its large earning shares.
Globalization. Walt Disney Products and Services are found all over the world in different forms and areas. Disney has focused on growth internationally in the last few years. As a global brand, Walt Disney International provides oversight of the company’s
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