Disneyland Or Six Flags Essay

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From childhood enjoyment, sitdown rides to stomach dropping, mood killing, but thrilling roller coasters. Many people love amusement parks. My family has an unofficial, tendency to go to at least one amusement park every year. Although we go quete frequently, this year my family is very indecisive on whether we should go to Disneyland or Six Flags. We have had many good and bad experiences at either park over the past few years. Two years ago we went to Disneyland for our family trip. It was a breathtaking experience. I remember when I first walked through the disney gates. Upon walking in, I immediately looked around in awe. As soon as I saw the signature Mickey Mouse head in the grass I instantaneously felt the vast amount of wonder and excitement…show more content…
If you're lucky, the day your family decides to go to Disneyland the lines will be shorter. Unfortunately for us—we were not so lucky. Each line was at least an hour to an hour and a half long, especially for the rides that drew in a lot more children. While waiting my enthusiasm level for the ride slowly decreased but my anticipation level was still high. Once we were able to get aboard the ride, my family and I sat back and relaxed as the animated and moving simulators entertained us. Following the ride I felt better than before and I could tell my family did too. All of us couldn’t be more happy. We kept this same trend for the rest of the day. Once we left the park we were all tired and sad to go. But I knew I would be able to share this amazing experience with others later on in life. Although the Disney trip was great, this past year we changed it up. We decided to go to Six Flags instead. I remember during the car ride and while waiting to get in the park I felt so anxious. I couldn’t keep still. Upon arrival I could almost feel the immensity of the roller coasters towering over the park. Even my family was starting to feel apprehensive about going but we all soon got over it and decided to work our way up in intensity. So I grabbed a map and we all made our way through the
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