Disneyland Park: The Disney Dedication Plaque . Introduction.

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Disneyland Park: The Disney Dedication Plaque Introduction The Disneyland dedication plaque forms part of the most overlooked details in Disney parks. The plaque, which is located close to the anterior of the park not only sets the attitude for exploration but also offers words of inspiration. Notably, the plaque is signed by Walt Disney, the reigning executive at the time of Disneyland’s opening. Most people that visit the park often fail to notice the plaque despite it being a nice way of welcoming visitors to Disneyland. At the time of its opening in 1955, many people thought that the park would fail considering Walt’s emphasis on a theme park (Spence 1). However, other people recognized the opening of Disneyland as an…show more content…
Specifically, the dedication plaque lies at the base of the flag pole in the park. Uniqueness of the Artifact The plaque that welcomes visitors into Disneyland is practically magical. The words inscribed in the plaque describe Walt’s vision of the way people should feel when entering the apparently joyful place on earth (Spence 2). The Disneyland dedication plaque is not as exactly unique because replicas of the same artifact can be found in other Disney parks across the world. The plaques have brass powder implanted in them to give the metal used in their creation an authentic appearance. In addition to the replicas in other parks, companies such as QuestDesignCanada today produce replicas based on the original artifact in California. The replicas have an authentic appearance and come with a metal hanger for mounting to a wall. These replicas are great for Disneyland lovers and the fact that their aging process gives them a unique appearance is cherished. Mass Production of the Artifact As noted earlier, the Disneyland dedication plaque is not unique to the California Park because the idea was conveyed to the other Disney parks across the world. The 1971 Walt Disney World Wilson 3 dedication plaque acknowledges the life, talents, and philosophy of Walt. Similar to the Disneyland artifact, the plaque inspires people and welcomes them to a magical kingdom that accommodates the interests of persons of all ages. Similarly, the Tokyo

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