Disneyland Report : Disneyland At Disneyland

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Question 5: Disneyland Paris could be as successful as Disneyland California by changing their management systems, landing a first class advertisement campaign, educating their staff contentiously, remodeling the areas of concern, and hiring new talents. Disneyland Paris needs to be more profitable, because a business needs to produce revenues to survive and grow. If, they do not start to generate profits they will bankrupt Disneyland offers anything a company needs to succeed. If, I was the main Disneyland’s investor I will over take the place and bring Anaheim and Tokyo’s experts to rescue this marvelous place. First of all, a new strong Management System needs to be hired. Perhaps, selecting well-trained and experienced managers among California’s staff is a good measure. Savvy people need to supervise the operation, which should respect the guidelines to the letter to generate revenue. Disneyland Paris, needs workers that believe in Disneyland mission statement, entertain me goals, and feels that the place is part of the family. I believe that the actual management considers Disneyland a simple job and they do not identify with Disneyland’s philosophy. The park is craving for workers who actually love the place and is able to sacrifice sleep and entertain to refurbish the place. I sustain this belief, due to the fact that among the customer complains, lack of cleanliness. Raising the actual employees’ salary should be rewarding them for their lack of
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