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Assignment for Resort Management

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Assignment format

Welcome to Disneyland Resort Paris, home to Mickey and his friends. You are required to write an assignment of approximately six to eight pages (depending on size of text, etc.) in length.

You are required to write a formal assignment using the following areas as a guide and in this order please:

1) Front page – detailing the assignment title, course, date, class and instructor name
2) Table of Contents
3) Introduction
4) Summary
5) Methodology
6) Main body of the report using appropriate referencing, sections marked clearly and laid out in a methodical order which takes the reader through the subject areas outlined below
7) Conclusions
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Its success is circumscribed by and dependent on the French government’s development strategies and judicial structures. Capital has had to negotiate with government the design of it’s commodified landscape, the continued organization of which has also been subject to pressure by its potential customers. The convergence of these agents’ guarantees that Disneyland Resort Paris will remain embedded in Marne-la-Vallee in spite of all the difficulties it has faced until now such as financial restructuring in March 1994.

The paper will first discuss how different approaches to economic globalization explain the Disney Company’s move to internationalize and how the choice of the site was based more on traditionally geographic reasons such as accessibility and availability of land. It will then demonstrate how the Company’s designs to ensure continued growth in the far future could only be accommodated by France with it’s New Town development strategy. This allowed the state to impose constraints on this private venture to ensure that it would remain a permanent part of the Francilian landscape whose new design the company had to negotiate. The paper will then show how Disneyland Resort Paris is not the white elephant that the French
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