Disney's Branding Approach

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Disney/Marvel’s critical analysis of approach to branding and marketing communications using concepts from B825 units five (branding) and six (communications) based on Apple Case Question A.

Q. A: Critically analyse Apple’s approach to branding and marketing communications using concepts from B825 units five (branding) and six (communications). (20 marks)

The case talks about two brands Disney and Marvel in the light of the recent acquisition of Marvel by Disney. Hence not only Disney’s and Marvel’s approached to branding and marketing communications will be analysed, but also the effects of the above merge to these processes.

De Chernatony and Mcdonald define brand as an identifiable product, service, person or place augmented in
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The artful boutique of Disney characters that made dreams and profits is now becoming an emotionless bank full of brand marketed low-end "product". Hence the revised Disney’s brand objectives will deteriorate its brand’s values (soul) and give a direction for future which is hardly based on its core values.
However Disney’s top management is positive that with ‘Disney 's creative skills, unparalleled global portfolio of entertainment properties, and a business structure that maximizes the value of creative properties across multiple platforms and territories’ they can manage a portfolio of different in value brands like Marvel and Disney.
Nevertheless with such changes there is a risk of brand delusion and diffusion that may discourage traditional loyal Disney’s consumers. Some of the new customers, e.g. Marvel’s audience, may not fully appreciate the rebranded values of Marvel under Disney name and start seeking for other options to fulfill their emotional needs.
Another issue that assumingly highly motivated staff of both companies (otherwise the companies would not be there where they were prior to the merge) may shift its position from Champions to Bystanders if not Weak Links. The well-written words in Disney’s objective statement seem to be in contradiction with the Disney team’s efforts to animate the best cartoons, immerse theme park guests
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