Disney's Business Factors

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Disney 's Business Factors
Katrina Ballard
October 16, 2012

Disney 's Business Factors The Disney Corporation is a leader in both the family entertainment and the movie media industries. They are internationally acclaimed for their amusement parks and resorts, media networks, studio entertainment, and interactive media (Bahera, 2012, para. 1). Through Walt Disney’s vision, drive, creativity, and passion, Disney has become one of the world’s most successful multi-media corporations. Disney established its core values from the beginning, and they are still lived today. Since Walt Disney’s departure in 1966, Disney has had several leaders, including the current CEO, Bob Iger, who have duplicated Walt’s style and have
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There is no material competition to Disney because of this. The price of entry into this entertainment market is high, and no corporation is big enough to pay it. The biggest external threat to Disney currently is the recession. While American parks are not too negatively affected in a downturn economy, its international parks struggle financially. Disney’s share price has fallen by 14% in the past year. Expanding its online business and earning more money through traditional media could offset these losses. It certainly is in a better place to bounce back from the current economic recession than most other big media firms. Because Disney has a decentralized approach to its organization, keeps its employees actively involved, and empowers its managers to show appreciation and recognition of others, Disney’s core is solid and its foundation is strong, and it should continue to reign as one of the most admired organizations in the world.
For Disney’s management to produce a good end product and to maintain that product, they have to implement control. At this stage in the management process control is not necessarily micro-managing, though it is a form. Control is about guiding employees. The path of the organization, in this case Disney, has already been set. By keeping employees on that path, it exemplifies control. It is ironic that Disney maintains the “happiest place on earth” mentality, but it is one of the hardest places to maintain that

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