Disney's Folly

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If you are looking for ways to make money, try thinking of something that you can offer to a niche market which has not been offered before. One major problem in the world of Internet marketing is that people are afraid to stand out and go against the grain. The truth is that most online business websites look like one another.

Way back during the dot come boom, coming up with the next cutting edge solution was the ultimate goal, and the actual business was secondary. The person who was most creative was the person who would make the most money. In fact, even an amazingly novel idea was worth millions, or even billions. Do you think I am being far fetched with this assertion? If so, visit your favorite search engine, and type in the name "Mark Cuban". How do
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Similar to Facebook and Twitter, he was ridiculed in his early years. In fact, many business geniuses are ridiculed prior to demonstrated success. For instance, the press doubted that Disneyland had a chance of survival, and referred to it as "Disney's Folly". Funny huh? I wonder who got the last laugh.

Just know that if you have an idea which goes against conventional thinking, expect people to put that idea down. Just think back to the year 1996. You are excited because you have determined that you are going to develop an online business in which you will give everything away for free. What do you think would happen if you were to have shared this concept with your friends or family? They would probably have given you their movie money and thanked you for the comedy.

The funny thing is that a company did actually develop on Internet business which was based on giving away everything for free. This company is called Hotmail, and they gave their e-mail platform away for free at a time where everyone else was requiring either payment, or some sort of work or scholastic affiliation. Hotmail was first, and Hotmail was, and still is
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