Disney's Pixar Film Inside Out

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This essay is about the three core memories that have happened throughout my life and have made me the individual I am today. The idea for this essay comes from the Disney`s Pixar film “Inside Out” which is an “animated comedy about a young girl whose emotions get out of control when her family moves to San Francisco. Eleven-year-old Riley has had a joyous life in the Midwest. When Riley’s family needs to move to San Francisco, other emotions start to come out in her, like Disgust, Anger, Fear, and Sadness. As a result, Riley’s Joy is put to the test. When Joy and Sadness get whisked away from headquarters, the only emotions driving Riley are Disgust, Anger and Fear.” My first core memory would probably have to be when my grandpa taught me to ride a bike. Although it happened so long ago I can only see, but the scattered images in my mind of when I use to smile and truly be…show more content…
I`ve never even ran two miles before so it was hard for them and myself included to even take that in. I don't know really what happened that day, but when I put in my headphones and just started running I felt free and I just let go of all my worries completely focused on the task at hand. This was the closest I ever got again to the time I learned how to ride my bike and It felt amazing. Ever since that day I've become an avid runner with my mother and father. I'll be honest and say that these memories have not made me the best person i could possibly be, but they're apart of my life and are who I am. I've still got a lot to learn and many more memories to be made that will continually shape my future and what I am to become. But I shall always have faith and keep my head held high and push through the difficult
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