Disney's Strategic Initiative Paper

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Disney 's Ethic and Compliance Paper
Jennifer Banks-Milbry, William Coon, Shedrick Daniels,
Gene Daughtry, Don Thomas, Victor Williams
February 28, 2011
Troy Mahone

Disney 's Ethic and Compliance Paper Introduction The Walt Disney Company, better known as Disney, represents a premier name in family entertainment worldwide (The Walt Disney Company, 2011). Since the company 1923 beginnings, Disney has become a company with a worldwide market capitalization of more than 82 billion dollars (Google, 2011). Disney is a business that operates in four business segment, consumer products, studio entertainment, media networks, and resort and theme parks. Disney executives have made ethics and compliance a top
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Walk Disney Company provides reports to the Securities Exchange Commission. The reports consist of internal disclosure, technology, independent accounting auditors, and internal control over financial reporting.

SEC Independent Accounting Audit is the tool in which the SEC can ensure that companies are complying with the regulations that it has mandated. Investment businesses consider regular audits as routine events. As such, any investment adviser will consider an SEC Accounting Audit as ultimately inevitable. Therefore, SEC compliance is a critical element of any firm’s daily operations, since a negative audit may result in deficiency. The SEC requires the technology of Walk Disney to submit all interactive data files. These data files should line up with Rule 405 of Regulation S-T. The Disney website has a listing of SEC report forms such as S-4, 425, S-8, 11-K, 8-K, 10-Q, and 10-K statements (Google, 2007).

Walk Disney Company requires signatures from the senior management only, for the Internal Disclosure Policy. The senior management consists of the CFO, President, Internal Counsel, and Managing VP. The member’s responsibility requires them to conduct correct filing procedures, and communicate information to other stakeholders of Disney’s management. Another
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