Disobedience Leads To Progress

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Disobedience Leads to Progress

Oscar Wilde believed rebellion was necessary for social progress and confided in disobedience being an essential human trait. In order to experience modification, you rebel against the discriminating laws that bring problems to you and your people. Furthermore, when awareness is given to an issue, there is extensive social progress being taken place.
Martin Luther King Jr. “ dreamed one day all the little white and black children would join hands as sisters and brothers,” a fantasy that once was thought to be insane, nevertheless came true due to the rebellion and disobedience of the those that desired change. African Americans feared Whites, disagreed with the viewing of social inequality, and were dissatisfied
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Discrimination of the blacks was a dilemma without a care to be resolved. Separation of whites from the darker complected people is what caused rebellions and outrage throughout communities, throughout the nation. “Whites sit in the front, blacks sit in the back,” this is the main reason that Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, which cause African Americans to boycott against the buses. You are black, you do not have the same rights as we do.” and out of fear, out of lack of courage, the African Americans obeyed their orders. Then one day, a man asked Rosa Parks to stand or head towards the rear of the bus so he may have a seat in the front where white men and women would sit. She refused to stand, and she did not move; she sat ignoring the commands of a “superior white male.” Rosa Parks began a movement after her actions got her arrested; known as the Montgomery Bus Boycott. This act of civil disobedience of a single female caught the attention of many, causing plenty to refuse to do as the signs announced, and causing many to walk to work rather than ride the bus. The blacks no longer felt obligated to listen to the signs and the laws which were bizarre yet politely rude. White people were not superior, and it was now that the African Americans were realizing they deserved equality.
Both Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.
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