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The Statue of Liberty exists to symbolize America¡¯s justice and liberty; although, the unjust system we abide by displays an obvious account of misrepresentation. Civil disobedience has been a recurrent issue in our society because many people oppose unjust laws and actions set upon our country. The government exists to provide good for the people by acknowledging what is in the best interest for the population. They seem to ignore the significant issues that affect us most and would rather invest their time and effort into other trivial predicaments. There is no backbone in history to support the claim that our nation governs and makes decisions through moral reasoning when that should be of the utmost importance. Although civil…show more content…
The government objects to acts of civil disobedience because they believe rules are set, and regardless of the circumstances, they must always be followed. It seems as though the government resolves ethnic issues in a quick, swift manner, with the least amount of reside and time loss. It does not appear as though they give much moral thought or genuine consideration when determining a final verdict. Socrates, a renowned philosopher in history, stated that, ¡°we evaluate justice on the basis of the consequences of being just, and it is obvious that happiness comes from injustice because this produces personal advantages (pleasure) in political, economic, and moral affairs.¡± (____________) This is demonstrated every day when we see slavery and discrimination transpiring across America without any effort toward prevention. Socrates also added, ¡°Injustice gives a person the most profitable life.¡± (____________) America¡¯s government has the ability to make a difference in these unjust issues and dodge the consequences of a civil disobedience break-out but they choose to remain stagnant because that is the most profitable resolution. Civil disobedience can be justified in certain circumstances because laws do not always apply equally to every individual. When someone¡¯s rights are being harassed

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