Disobedient Behavior Analysis

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According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of behavioral issues is, “an individual evidencing maladjustment by indulging in behavior problems; especially: a child indulging in such problems” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). As we are currently living in the technological age, young children are constantly exposed to tablets and cell phone screens to aid as a distraction when the child begins to show disobedient behavior. Disobedient behavior can constitute excessive noise, tantrums, hyperactivity and fussiness at the dinner table. When parents encounter their child’s disobedient behavior, they often resort to giving them a tablet or cellphone to distract them temporarily instead of punishing them. While this method provides a…show more content…
Children in third world countries are prospering immensely with the introduction of technology in their culture by teaching the young children the importance of change, liveliness and communication. An article published by The Guardian, written by Annie Kelly, discusses the groundbreaking change implemented by technology in these poorer societies. Charles Kenny, senior fellow at the Center for Global Development stated, “This technology wasn't developed as a development tool yet has become one of the greatest vehicles for change… Young people are natural adopters of new technologies and certainly the potential for technology and digital media to be a force for innovation, education and change is just beginning to be realized.” (qted in Kelly). Kenny is discussing how the creation and innovation of technology was not initially created for progressing of cultures and societies, but it has a taken a turn and done just that. Kenny later says that it is vital the young children of the world are encountered with the exposure of technology because they are the best group who can work on projects to make a global impact in relation to older generations who can only see one side of the technological advancement and often blame it for the poor social structure in society. Kenny and the article make a very valid and reasonable point because technology is really the gateway to change for the future and exposing children of all social classes is beneficial to innovation and relations between different countries. Although, the article does not describe the negative implications technology has on a younger demographic when it comes to the issue of pedophilia and cyber safety. The article could also discuss how people can work together to unify and promote healthy technological relationships with children where
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