Disorder of Delusion

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Disorder of delusion is also termed as paranoid disorder. It is a serious type of mental illness in which a patient cannot discriminate between what is real and what is imagined. It main element of this disorder is presence of delusions (shakable belief in something not real) People with delusional disorder come across un-strange delusions, which might involve daily life incidence like feeling that someone is following, poisoned, betrayed etc.
Patients with this disorder can socialize and function normally. Unlike the patients having other psychotic disorders. But in some cases patients with delusional disorder may face disturbed lives. Delusion is a symptom of schizophrenia. Delusional disorder occurs in mid to later part of life and is more common in females comparative to males.
Types of delusional disorder are as follows:
Erotomanic: In this type of delusional disorder patient believes that another person (someone popular) is in love with the patient. So the patient will try to make attempts to contact that person. Stalking behavior is not rare

Grandiose: In this case the patient feels powerful and rich. Patient believes that he/she has talent to make great discoveries.
Jealous: person believes that his/ her spouse is unfaithful.
Persecutory: People believe they have been mistreated or spied or someone is attempting to harm them. Somatic: A person suffering from this type of delusional thinks that he/she is physical unfit or has a medical
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