Disorder of the Self

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Case Description (Disorder of the Self) Shana is a twenty-three year old African American unemployed female who lives with her mother. She is approximately 5’11 inches and thin. Shana shared that she lost approximately 30 pounds rapidly last year, after the death of her grandmother. My therapeutic encounter with her began because she was referred to partial hospitalization program for treatment after a trip to a local emergency room with suicidal thoughts and feelings of depression. Shana prematurely left treatment after 2 months in the program. Shana described her childhood as good. She is an only child and has lived mostly with her mother after her parents separated and eventually divorced. She was 4 years old, when her father left the home. Shana’s mother worked part-time and spent off time, when not sleeping at the school she attended as a member of the PTA. Shana’s father worked as a police officer and had two additional part-time jobs. Shana shared that her father rarely participated in her extracurricular singing activities because of his work schedule. Shana identified her gift and talent as the ability to sing. Shana shared that she always loved to sing and would pretend to sing using a hairbrush until she was given a microphone as a birthday gift. Both of Shana’s parents supported her singing ability and she was nicknamed the “songbird”. Shana described her love of singing as the most important thing in her life and her ideal career is to become a
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