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1. Tamika comes to a psychology clinic with complaints of poor concentration. As she was talking with the psychologist, she spoke very rapidly and it was difficult to follow her train of thought. Tamika reported that she felt invincible and had not slept for three days since she had been very busy with various tasks. She also reported that in the past, she had frequently experienced periods of time that she felt “down”. Answer: Bipolar Disorder 2. Roy has not been feeling himself lately fpr the past 3 weeks. He lays in bed all day because he does not have the energy to get up and because he feels worthless and guilty for “being a burden to everyone.” His family reported that he appears to have lost a significant amount of weight.…show more content…
His palms begin to sweat his mouth goes dry, and he stutters when he tries to speak. As a result, he never goes to parties, conferences for work, or restaurants. Answer: Social Phobia 7. Orlando believes that the FBI is hunting him down because they want information from him. He reports that he receives telephone calls from FBI agents who are threatening to imprison him if he doesn’t give them the information they need. Orlando has stopped showering and shaving. He wears a tin foil hat so that the FBI agents cannot “steal his thoughts”. Answer: Specific Phobia 8. Kristina has always been a very clean and neat person. She just went to college and now had to live with a roommate. Kristina reports that her roommate is not messy, but is just not as clean as Kristina would like. Kristina states that she vacuums their floor and wipes all of the furniture (including her roommate’s desk) with disinfectant spray once day. The whole process takes her about 2 hours. She also puts a special cover on her bed so that the germs won’t get in it. Answer: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 9. Beth has never been very religious, and her parents are concerned because she has stopped going to work and talks about how she has seen God. She says that she often sees God and he speaks to her. Beth states that God has chosen her the next leader of the church. Beth spends up to 5 hours per day speaking with God in tongues. Answer: Schizophrenia 10.
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