Disorders of the Nervous System: Huntington’s disease

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Disorders of the Nervous System: Huntington’s disease Huntington’s disease destroys the organs that carry the functions of the central nervous system. Kalat (2013) states, “Huntington disease (also known as Huntington disease or Huntington’s Chorea) is a severe neurological disorder that strikes about 1 person in 10,000 in the United States” (A.B. Young, 1995, p. 258).Individual’s develop the symptoms in their middle age, but even if it is a rare disorders juveniles as well as children before the age of ten can develop the disease. Huntington’s disease is hereditary disease that is passed on from a parent. Huntington’s disease is of the lack of the chromosome 4, if one of the parents carries the gene, they can pass that gene to their …show more content…
The mother may decide to conduct a genetic test or speak to her children about the potential risk of inheriting Huntington’s disease, this is an option a family may have knowing the medical genealogy.
Huntington’s disease may be irreversible but it can be treated with proper treatment may slow down the effects of the disease and medical attention. In children who have symptoms of Huntington’s disease, some of the symptoms would be a rapid deteriorating in school performance, lack of swift movements, behavior changes etc...
In Geevasinga et al. (2006) stated, the mother and a teacher reported about the nine-year-old boy beginning to have symptoms and behaviors that the child was having at home and during school. As the disease progressed his behavior was severely compromised: he displayed severe emotional frequent changes and experienced nightmares, agitation, and anxiety which led to other behavior problems (p. 552).
Huntington’s disease would affect motor movements such as doing jerks and twitches. Tremors would spread and gradually interfere with walking, speech, and other voluntary movements.
Central Nervous System Huntington’s disease begins affecting the organs, it destroys the function of the multiple roles of the nervous system and the brain cells. The disease causes advanced deterioration and loss of brain cells, and contributes to a devastating loss of motor functions followed by advanced cognitive and intellectual impairment.
Nervous System
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