Disparities In Canada

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The involvement of other institutions in public policies The Federal government is responsible for insuring equal distribution and accessibility of health care services to citizens though they are not the only party that shape the policies of Canada’s healthcare but also the influence of doctors, health professionals, political parties, and businesses are also used (Canadian Stakeholders, n.d., para 2). The 1984 Canada Health Act outlines the requirements that provincial governments must meet. However; since there is not a descriptive list mentioning insurance services in the Act, the insured services in provinces vary creating a power shift (The Canada Health Act, 2005). Provinces also control the licensing of hospitals as well as doctors,…show more content…
People with higher education are healthier than those with no or minimal education. This is because those with higher education are able to understand the influence of societal factors on their health. By not having an education it leads one to have no job security or even being unemployed for long periods of time providing no source or constant rate of income. Ultimately this leads to one falling in the depths of poverty causing them to be stressed and turn to unhealthy coping behaviors such as alcohol. In regards to Aboriginals, specifically another contributing factor to job insecurity is the loss of language (Health and Canadian Aboriginals, 1998). This is another controversy because one should be provided access training, employment opportunities regardless of language barriers to have a sufficient…show more content…
Power is what ultimately determines if one is facing social exclusion and that is due to there is no influence on government decisions in which Indigenous people face this in Canada because they are seen as minority to the population. Policy makers make policies to better one’s lifestyle from what it was, however; by implanting restrictions on residential schools, taking away land it causes a change in family structures and social structures now shifting to health regimes. Social exclusion leads situation were there is no means of hope causing one stress. By creating policies that result in one feeling socially excluded, instead governments should be making policies that protect the minority and provide them with employment opportunities. (Social Exclusion,
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