Disparities of the Death Penalty

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disparity of application (gender, race) 1. Disparity of application of the death penalty is a researched and heavily discussed topic. There is no disparity applied to the death penalty due to race. Many individuals believe that discrimination against minorities directly contributes to the amount of offenders on death row that are African American, Hispanic, or part of a different minority group. These trends exist for a reason, however I believe the reason is due to the fact that individuals strive to meet different goals dependent on their racial background. Currently, approximately 41 % of inmates on death row are black, and 44 % are white. There are more inmates who are white on death row, which makes it hard to determine that disparity was applied based on race or gender when individuals are faced with a death penalty sentence. There are far less women on death row. There are not many women on death row because the death penalty is not often applied to their cases. However, this is not due to their gender, it is based on the crimes that were committed and typically women commit less violent crimes than men. 2. Furman v. Georgia Furman v. Georgia proved that the way the death penalty was administered was unconstitutional. William Furman was apprehended while he was found robbing a sleeping individual’s home. During the trial Furman claimed he had tripped and his weapon had accidentally discharged and struck the victim. However, the statement he had given the police was
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