Disparity, Discrimination, Judicial System, And State Law Enforcement Agencies

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This paper will explore some of the disparities of how different types of groups are treated, by both federal and state law enforcement agencies, in the American judicial system. Additionally, how discrimination also factors in these processes, from arrest to conviction, while evolving through time in our society. How do these subjects and differing policies influence outcomes in the judicial process? Are there rational theories for some of these practices or instances? We will explore each specific term, consequences, compare and contrast their effects on the judicial process, while gaining some insights and providing specific examples. The purpose of this paper is to some examine online articles and published information, in an attempt to shed some light on this phenomena in our system. Keywords: disparity, discrimination, judicial system, victimization, constitution

Disparity and Discrimination
Within American Criminal Justice System
There has been a lot of research into the reasons that disparities and discrimination exist in the American judicial system, their inadequacies and what should be done if anything, to correct these deficiencies in the process. One particular area that seems to encompass both the disparities and discrimination in the American judicial system is the treatment of young black males in society. Statistics seem to reveal that more blacks commit more crime, and thus are singled out by profiling, and then subsequently incarcerated more
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